Cheynes Training

We exist to raise standards in the hair and barbering industry. We will achieve this by helping all those we train and assess to accomplish their learning goals and become the best that they can be. By doing this we will help the employers we work with to improve and strengthen their business through developing the skills and abilities of their team. To achieve our aim, we will create, adapt, and implement highly effective education systems and then use these systems to routinely achieve exceptional results. It is only by doing this that the aims and ambitions of everyone involved with our programmes can be recognised and rewarded. To gain the success we seek we will deliver to our team and to the educators, employers, and learners we work with a higher level of innovation, service, and support than any other organisation in our sector. This means positioning Cheynes Training at the leading edge of vocational education and aim for ours to be the programme by which other programmes are judged.

Our Four Aims

  1. To operate a successful business
  2. To be excellent at what we do
  3. To be our customer’s first choice
  4. To be happy people

Our approach is based upon respect for all and a total commitment to safety, fairness, and equality of opportunity, especially for the learners engaged in our programmes but also for all others involved. We are in the people business, we are people who work with people, and we know that any relationship that is good for both will last, that which is good for one will end once there is a sound alternative.

Our strategy is:

  1. Identify organisations who will benefit from our expertise
    Research and measure their learning and business needs
    Design and deliver an effective service to meet those needs …
    … at the right time, in the right location, at the right price
    … with an excellent level of innovation and support
    … and at a reasonable profit so we can grow
  2. Focus our efforts on providing high quality vocational education to learners but to also seek success in any area where we can develop the skills to gain a competitive advantage.
  3. Build and maintain a structure within Cheynes Training that gives everyone involved the belief that anything is possible given enthusiasm, hard work and good leadership.
  4. Encourage everyone involved with our programmes to help us to:
  • plan and control our efforts in the best way possible by identifying all the opportunities and threats that are presented to us – and recognise all the strengths and weaknesses that occur.
  • set standards by which people in Britain and the rest of the world judge vocational education, indeed judge any activity in which we become involved.
  • create an atmosphere which encourages a positive and innovative attitude in all those who become involved with Cheynes Training, and which allows people to develop their many talents to the full.