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Latest News

SmartScreen – English and Maths Toolkit

Heads of Centre (HOC) involved in the Cheynes Training programme have now been set up with a SmartScreen English and Maths Toolkit account and should have already received an email direct from City & Guilds to confirm their account details. This is an excellent online resource which is fully paid for by Cheynes Training. HOC’s should… Read more »

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Tax-Free Childcare to Replace Childcare Vouchers

The government have announced a major shake-up of the Childcare Voucher system. From April onwards, childcare vouchers will close to new applicants and will be replaced by the government’s tax-free childcare scheme which is worth up to £2,000 a year to eligible parents. The childcare vouchers scheme was only available to parents who had been offered… Read more »

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CPD Requirements for the 7002 Hair Professional Diploma

A minimum of 50 hours Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is required each year, of which 30 hours must be applied practical skills – this translates into ‘hands-on’ practice or development work in a commercial environment. The CPD year continues to run from 1st September to 31st August the following year. CPD must be demonstrated through… Read more »

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Ofsted Employer Views for Salons in England

The early part of the year coincides with two important surveys aimed at obtaining employer feedback about the apprenticeship programme. The first of these surveys is from Ofsted, the government inspection body for schools, colleges and for work-based learning in England. Ofsted has developed a set of online questionnaires to support the Common Inspection Framework.… Read more »

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Ofsted Learner Views

There are currently two very important learner surveys taking place, both are aimed at obtaining feedback from learners about the apprenticeship programme. The first of these surveys is from Ofsted, the government inspection body for schools, colleges and for work-based learning in England. The other survey is being undertaken by the Education and Skills Funding… Read more »

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Cheynes Training Head Office Relocation

In August last year, the Cheynes Training head office facility suffered some flooding caused by a workman cutting through a waterpipe whilst undertaking some investigation work in an empty office suite above our Hope Street location.  At the time it seemed like a minor irritation, however, the investigation uncovered a previously unknown issue involving asbestos.… Read more »

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New 2018 National Minimum Wage Rates Announced

The UK government has announced new National Minimum and National Living Wage rates will be introduced on 1 April 2018. The National Living Wage for over-25s is to rise by 4.4% from £7.50 to £7.83 an hour from April 2018. Of some concern for salon and barbershop owners are the increases announced in National Minimum… Read more »

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Important Letter from Sarah Hawtin, Visions Academy, Crawley

I thought I would share a recent experience with you, about new learners joining our academy. The following seems to be a growing trend, it has happened to four of our new starts this year.  By now, your potential new starts will have their GCSE results, but what you might not know is if their… Read more »

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Off-The-Job Training for Apprentices

All apprentices must spend a minimum of 20% of their working time undertaking Off-the-Job training, that is, training that takes place away from their normal work duties. The funding rules have been strengthened and the Education and Skills Funding Agency will come down very hard on any provider that fails to show evidence that the… Read more »

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Changes to GCSEs and Functional Skills

Changes to GCSEs and Functional Skills GCSEs in England are changing. The main difference is a move to a new grading system. From this summer, grade 9 will be awarded to the very highest achievers and 1 to the lowest. The four current highest grades of A*, A, B and C are being replaced by… Read more »

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Employer Co-Investment for 19+ Apprentices

The most important feature of the Reform of Apprenticeships programme is the involvement of employers in the development and running of the new system. The new standards are designed by employers, they are overseen by employers and through a new tax called the Apprenticeship Levy, they are paid for by employers – but only by… Read more »

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Spring/Summer Term

Spring / Summer Term Monday 1st May is the official start of the Cheynes Training Spring/Summer term. We expect that Cheynes Training will have an Ofsted inspection at some point between June and December 2017. The inspection will be under arrangements that includes giving a training provider just two days’ notice of an inspection. As… Read more »

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