Sussex Hair Academy Story

By Tricia

October 2019

Sussex Hair Academy Story

On the 14 and 15 of October, The Sussex Hair Academy supported the breast cancer ‘Think Pink’ campaign. All of the apprentices wore an item of clothing that was pink. To raise money the learners baked cakes and asked their clients to donate money if they fancied one. The academy was decorated with pink banners and balloons.

The breast cancer journey is an emotional and physical roller coaster and a breast cancer diagnosis can bring a range of unexpected emotions. Uncertainty and fear for the future, changes in personal and family relationships, a sense of isolation – these are just some of the normal feelings that may be felt when one is diagnosed.

There is also sometimes concern about body image, sexuality and changes in physical appearance that may be challenging issues to cope with for some patients.

The academy is hoping the £83.46 that they raised will help go towards finding a cure for this illness.