Sienna’s Story

By Tricia

December 2023

Well done to Sienna from Cheynes Training Sussex Hair Academy for being chosen to perform at Disneyland Paris with her dance group.

Sienna has been dancing since she was 10 years old, she dances for KC’S Dance and Gymnastics School which is based in Crawley. When Sienna became an apprentice she had to cut down her dance hours due to her working full time at Jimmy Chop Chop, Sienna remained dedicated and trains on her day off and in the evenings.

Sienna’s dance school started as a small group dancing in small venues to slowly working their way up dancing at the local theatre, the west end and the O2.

Auditioning for Disney started in November 2022 and results were posted the following month. Luckily for Sienna she got a place, rehearsals started for the next three months. Sienna would work for 8 hours a day then attend gruelling dance training sessions.

August 2023 arrived and Sienna was off to Paris to perform where she danced in front of a large crowd of people, sienna was very grateful for the opportunity she was given.

Well done Sienna for you dedication and commitment to dance and your apprenticeship.