Sami’s Story

By Tricia

February 2017

I joined the Cheynes Training Programme to fulfil my ambition of becoming a hair designer in a top salon.

Almost two years later and I am progressing really well with my training and looking forward to the day when I ‘graduate’ which I hope will not be too far away now.

The training I receive is really good, the education team we have here in the salon gives all Assistants a tremendous amount of help and I really enjoy the training sessions which are always fun even though sometimes I have to work really hard to get the right result. Experienced hairdressers make it look really easy but when you are still learning it can be a bit tricky!

Working in a top salon is certainly a fantastic experience, no two days are ever the same and I do get to meet lots of interesting people, lots ask me about my background, my family are from Egypt. This is great for me because I am a bit of a ‘chatterbox’ and I really enjoy the banter with Clients.

Thanks to my job, I also have a great social life, there are lots of people my age and from day one I was made to feel really welcome at my salon.

One of my most memorable experiences was the fantastic opportunity, given to all Assistants within my salon, the chance to show and develop my artistic creative skills by participating in an “Assistants Presentation” held in a top Nightclub. I had to find my own models, create hairstyles for each one, choose the music, choreograph a dance routine and choose their wardrobe, all modelled on stage! What a fab night and a tremendous motivation factor.

The important thing for me, however, is to focus on completing my training and being awarded my NVQ so I can start the next part of my career – working on Clients and, I hope, become a really successful hair designer earning a great salary and with the world at my feet!