Melanie’s Story

By Tricia

August 2019

Melanie’s Story

On May 24th 2019 Melanie took on an unbelievable task physically and mentally, Melanie had signed up to run for charity in Uganda. The Uganda Marathon is a 7-day adventure in a rural village called Maska. The charity she was working with was SMILE Street and Needy Children. SMILE work to do all they can to reunite families through counselling and gradual exposure, and for those that cannot be reunited, they offer a safe and loving home. Currently, their biggest challenge is food and security. Almost all of the funds that are donated go on their food bill that is only £200.00 a month to feed 30 hungry children. Their dream is to be able to save this to use for school fees. A wonderful lady called Florence opened up her home along with her daughters to around 30 street kids, without this home they would have ended up on the streets begging and sleeping rough. The children are of all ages and have nothing, no toys, clean clothes or footwear rthat fits.

During Melanie’s trip she met a young boy called Alex aged 13, one of the things that she liked about Alex was that he was always smiling and happy. He looked after her and made sure she was ok during her runs. Melanie said “we spent a lot of time together as he wanted to improve his English, Alex will always hold a special place in my heart”.

Whilst out in Uganda Melanie got to visit a school for the deaf, the school has a vocational room that include hairdressing. However it only had 3 block heads and no clamps, brushes or combs!

What does 2020 bring Melanie? Well she is going back again as it has made such an impact on her. Melanie would like to thank everyone that donated either money or sports shoes and clothes a massive thank you. Next year she will asking her hairdressing friends for any unwanted hairdressing equipment, this will allow the children using the hairdressing room a great chance to improve their skills.

Everyone at Cheynes Training would like to say a huge congratulations to Melanie and we are very proud of your achievements.