May’s Story – Visions Academy

By Tricia

August 2017

May’s Story – Visions Academy

May is a candidate from Visions Hair Academy based in West Sussex.

In 2015 May was competing at the Royal International as a show jumper, where she was riding her horse Cluney. Everything was going well until her horse got spooked and threw her off. May felt sudden pain in her back and legs and was immediately taken to hospital. Once at the hospital May was to be told she had severe nerve damage to her spin and legs. She was confined to a wheelchair and could use crutches at a push.

Over the next year May had many urology appointments as well as 5 body MRI scans and 2 CT scans, she also had on going private hospital appointments. Many months passed where May could only use a wheelchair to get around and had to rely on family members to assist her. After 18 months of working hard by taking yoga lessons and strengthening exercises May then had an operation to numb the nerve pain and stop the spasms in her legs. May could finally move forward, she decided to find an apprenticeship in hairdressing, which she secured in 2016, but before she under took level 2 in hair she completed the hairdressing traineeship.

May was slowly reducing the amount of medication she was taking andflew through the traineeship which gave her the encouragement not to use her aided walking stick. May started her apprenticeship with Visions in January 2017 and has been striving ever since she runs a full column every Monday and is an valued member of staff. In April 2017 she competed in her first monster mud run where she was invited to another 12 mile run in London and was quicker than the average time by 40 minutes, this is something that two years ago she never thought she would be able to achieve.