Kieran’s Story

By Tricia

February 2017

From No One to Someone

My name is Kieran I’ve been with Topsy Turvy, who are a salon based in Crawley, Sussex since I was 15 (I am now 18).

Throughout School I was in and out of foster homes and none of my teachers really got me. It was later recognised that I had dyslexia. I wanted to be a carpenter but the local college didn’t have a placement so I was stuck with hairdressing. “Great” I thought.

I was put in a salon called TT where they were linked with Cheynes Training.

Within a couple of sessions I was hooked. I asked…. well begged for a job, they agreed for atrial period. Within this I really proved myself. I was taken on full time.

Suddenly I had this feeling that I had never had, I wanted to learn!!! Plus the trainers had the patience to teach me. They were aware that I found it hard to read and concentrate. So the lectures became colourful and interactive.

Within my first year of training I had completed my Barbering units, Reception, Shampooing, Blow Dry, Health and Safety, Consultation and Cutting.

I am now a trainee stylist and I am building my column.

I love hairdressing and thank God there were no places for carpentry!!! Thanks TT and thanks Cheynes Training.

Kieran’s Story – Fast Forward

Kieran went on to complete his level 3 Hairdressing and he is now a stylist in the salon and is getting lots of request clients.

In July 2013, Kieran is travelling to Cape Town with the ‘The Warehouse Youth Project’ (community youth group which Kieran use to go to when he was younger and he is now a volunteer helper there).

In Cape town,with help from ‘The Warehouse’, Kieran hopes to experience their vision to inspire, equip and connect the church to be a transformative and have a presence in South African communities.

Kieran is doing this trip to learn more about injustice and poverty around the world. His trip will be about building relationships and learning together.

Kieran is fully committed to this trip and hopes to personally raise £800.

To raise money, Kieran has done a Slum Survivor sleep over in a cardboard box, sponsored walks and the whole of his salon is going to do a free hair cut day to help get donations.