Ezra’s Story

By Tricia

November 2017

Ezra’s Story

Ezra attends his training at Hair Resolution Training Academy, where he also works on the shop floor. Ezra is constantly trying to beat his last cut, colour, blow dry and twist out. He seeks honest feedback from his peers and employer.

The pathway to his ¬†hairdressing career hasn’t been easy, he was raised in Jamaica and moved to Africa without his parents for a short time. It is typically frowned upon for a young black man to embark on a career in Hairdressing, it was a constant battle to be taken seriously or even to try and continue his studies. Ezra felt he had no support to complete his apprenticeship. During his journey he had to overcome many adversities as he had to financially support himself. Ezra had to take on 3 jobs to maintain his living expenses, some of these jobs were outwith the hairdressing industry. Ezra would start his working day at 4:30am cleaning to be ready to start in the salon for 10:00am. He would finish his salon hours between 6:00-8:00pm and return to his cleaning job at 10:00pm where he would work through until midnight.

Ezra made sure he got the most out of his studies, before starting he found he was sometimes nervous and shy, which didn’t help when communicating.¬† He worked really hard to change this and now he is the top retail seller in the salon and academy.¬† Ezra was always eager to learn he said ” The best way to gain opportunities is to remain focussed about learning and taking each model you have as another learning journey”. Ezra found that the job opportunities are endless, his tutor ( Laverne) did not only teach him hairdressing but the business behind the chair.

Ezra is now ready to complete his apprenticeship and has the confidence to work anywhere in the world as his apprenticeship covered all aspects of hairdressing including barbering.