Cheynes Training Rays Hair Academy – Goodwood Revival Event

By Tricia

September 2023

What an amazing experience for two of Cheynes Training Rays Hair Academy Level 3 apprentices, Mia Larken and Maia Privett, both girls were invited to take park in the Goodwood Revival event that takes place every year. The girls are working alongside Betty’s – Goodwood Revival Hair and Beauty, where they are creating vintage hair up. On their first day the girls were given the brief of the event ahead and mood boards were given to them with key styles that they would have to follow. The further three days the girls worked on an appointment system where they would carry out creating the hair up that the clients required.

Goodwood Revival takes you back to the 40’s. 50’s and 60’s, these eras were all about victory rolls, fabulous setting and glamorous beehives. People travel from all over the country for this event, it is motor sporting at its best, as well as vintage shopping!

Mia and Maia are hoping to be inspired over the four day event and bring back ideas to incorporate within their Level 3 apprenticeship and share what they have learnt with other members of the academy.