Cheyes Training Rays Hair Academy

By Tricia

February 2020

Rachael Jackson launched Rays Hair Academy at Cheynes Training towards the end of 2019. Rachael is not just extremely passionate about the industry but also apprenticeships, Rachael said “I believe apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity for not only apprentices starting their hairdressing journey but also employers looking to expand their businesses”

Rachael worked with hairdressing apprenticeships for over 5 years and felt it was time to start her own academy working alongside Cheynes Training.

Rays operates from Essente Hair in Wimbledon, which is a modern spacious salon central to all their learners. The salon has been trading for over 15 years so it is well established. The salon owner is Joe Milazzo who also has a charity called Hair Reborn; working with salons across the UK offering a unique service to post cancer patients. All apprentices who enrol at Rays Hair Academy will participate in Hair Reborn Training and Education giving them a whole new learning experience.

Rachael feels academies provide future professionals a more individual learning experience with smaller more intimate groups allowing them to focus on their own development in their chosen industry.