Yolanda’s Story

By Tricia

November 2017

Yolanda’s Story

Yolanda studied her level 2 in hairdressing at the Hair Project in London and continues studying her level 3 at the academy. She is currently working at the well know salon in Knightsbridge Errol Douglas, one of Yolanda’s roles is to assist with the creative team where she goes to shoots and events, Yolanda gains fantastic experience from this and it is one of her high points in her apprenticeship.

One of Yolanda’s struggles within hairdressing was cutting gents hair but with the help of the education team she has learned to overcome her inhibitions and has slowly become confident in this area.

Yolanda was put forward as Junior of the Year at The British Hairdressing Awards, where through a lengthy process she became a finalist! Yolanda had to submit a portfolio of her hairdressing work that she had completed and assisted with during her apprenticeship. She was encouraged by the team to “go for it “.  Yolanda said “I packed my portfolio full of pictures that I have collected and any special activities that I had taken part in, I feel totally overwhelmed”. As part of the process she had to go through a nerve-racking interview which consisted of sitting in front of a panel of 3 big names in hairdressing.

Yolanda found The British Hairdressing awards fun and an experience that she will never forget, it was a great chance for her to network with other hairdressers as well as other influential individuals. Even though Yolanda didn’t win, she had an amazing time and what an achievement to have gotten that far. Will Yolanda do something like this again……. definitely!