Academy Health and Safety Policy August 2022

Academy Health and Safety Policy Part 2 – General Arrangements

Alternative Assessment Policy August 2022

Anti-harassment and Discrimination Policy July 2022

Apprentice Attendance Absence and Withdrawal Policy July 2022

Business Ethics Policy August 2022

Cheynes Training GDPR Policy August 2023

Complaints and Dispute Resolution Policy July 2022

Computer and Internet Use Policy 2019

Continuity of Apprenticeship Training Process – July 2022

Continuous Professional Development Policy August 2021

Document Retention Policy August 2022

Equality Diversity and Inclusion Policy July 2022

External Speakers Policy 2023

H&S General Statement of Policy 2019

Information Advice and Guidance Policy July 2022

Internal Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures 2022

Learning Support Policy August 2022

Malpractice and Maladministration Policy – July 2022

Off-the Job Training Policy July 2022

Prevent Duty Policy – July 2022

Professional Development Policy July 2022

Public Disclosure Policy 2022

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy July 2022

Safeguarding Policy September 2022

Skin Care Policy 2019

Student Loans Policy July 2022

Subcontracting Fees Policy July 20

Subcontracting Policy July 2022

Sustainable Development Policy Aug 2022

The Environment Policy 2019

Unannounced and Short Notice Visits Policy and Procedure 2022

Wellbeing Overarching Policy 2019

Written Appeals Policy July 2022