What’s different about Cheynes Training?

Cheynes Training delivers a comprehensive training system which allows the Centres we work with to produce high quality hair designers in the shortest possible time and which provides a high quality apprenticeship qualification. Our programme has been developed for salon owners by salon owners. Being salon owners we understand and face the same challenges within our salons that all employers face and we instinctively know what employers need. For example we encourage all learners to complete additional units as part of our ‘Stretch and Challenge’ options.  The extra parts are designed to make sure each Candidate has completed a thorough practical training in all parts of their job and to further enhance their skills and employability. Good salons give the extra training anyway, we make sure it is fully structured and controlled.

Where Does Cheynes Training operate?

We operate in every region in England and in Scotland. We have a team of around twenty highly experienced internal verifiers (we call them Regional Training Advisors) who are based locally to the academies and salons they work with. We work with individual salons, large and small and with salon groups – including some of the highest profile companies in Britain and with independent privately owned academies.  We refer to the organisation we work with as Centres.

What Programmes does Cheynes Training offer?

Cheynes Training offers NVQ programmes and apprenticeship programmes in hairdressing and in barbering and in Scotland we offer SVQ programmes and modern apprenticeship programmes in the same subjects.

Can any Centre join the Cheynes Training programme?

We only work with employers who show a strong commitment to strengthening their business through apprenticeship education.

What would be the commitment for the Centre?

Commitment requires devoting the correct level of business resources towards securing the future of the Centre. We believe that the greatest asset any business has is the means by which it ensures that firstly, the right people are attracted to the business and secondly, that they are trained to do the job to the highest standards. We can help Centres achieve a more secure future but only provided they share our sustainability philosophy which can be summed up as “If we have no new hairdressers we have no tomorrow”.

What does the Centre get back in return?

Centres receive fantastic support from a highly committed team of training professionals who work for one of the most experienced company delivering hairdressing training in Britain! Centres that work with Cheynes Training gain access to a proven system.

At all times, Centre are guided by Cheynes Training to ensure they meet the standards required by our awarding body, City & Guilds, and that they get the very best from the programme by routinely achieving exceptional results!

How do Centres get involved?

We believe that there are three kinds of Centres, those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those that wonder what happened .

We aim to work with Centres that want to make things happen so first decide if you think the Cheynes Training philosophy is in line with your own approach and is right for your Centres overall training needs. Second, decide if you are prepared to commit the resources that are needed to achieve the success you seek. If the answer is yes to both questions then contact Cheynes Training with any important questions you may have and to discuss your current approach and future training needs.

You may contact us by telephone on 0131 476 7100, or by email to enquiries@cheynestraining.com