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The new TAQA qualification has replaced the old D32 and D33 +A Units, however the old ‘D + A Units’ remain valid and anyone who holds one or both of the D + A Units need not undertake the new TAQA Qualification. All new assessors need to gain accreditation using the new TAQA qualifation route.

Within Level Three TAQA Qualfication you will cover all the essential principles and practices of training assessment and quality assurance, including assessing and competence of achievment.

You will learn in the work environment.

Assessment methods include observation, witness testimony, interview and discussion, oral and writtent questions, assignments, projects and case studies.

To assess an NVQ in hairdressing you will need to the gain the following three units which makes up the Level Three Certficate in Assessing Vocational Achievment.

Level Three Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment

A knowledge only of the award for those who are starting their journey as an assessor, or those who need to know about assessment practice but are not currently practising.

Level Three Award in Assessing and Competence in the Work Environment

For practitioners who assess the demonstration of competence in a work environment using the following assessment methods observation/examining work products/oral questioning and discussion/use of witness/learner statements/Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Level Three Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement

For practitioners who assess knowledge and /or skills in vocationally related subject areas using the following assessment method:

  • Assessments in simulated environments/skills tests/oral and written questons/assignments/projects/case studies/RPL.

The introduction of e-Volve has taken away much of the work of the A1 assessor, those salons that use e-Volve no longer have to mark written papers or assess assignments and this has saved a tremendous amount of time. We estimate that for each Candidate completing an NVQ using paper based written assessments, a total of one full day of marking (over time) is needed, with e-Volve, assessment is automatically marked by the computer so this time is immediately saved.

TAQA days are scheduled throughout the year, please refer to the events section on the Cheynes Training website and also in the e-Update. Please also note that we will also deliver in-house TAQA days for salons who have five or more new assessors.

To view information relating to Standardisation Meetings and the Role of the External Verifier please click on the links below.

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